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Tremalzo Cycling Shorts (5938998411456)
Tremalzo Cycling Shorts (5938998411456)
Tremalzo Cycling Shorts (5938998411456)

Tremalzo Cycling Shorts

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Two in one. Along the river bank, almost completely flat land leads you to the world-famous gravel track that hugs the cliff face as it snakes along multiple hairpin turns. You pass a rustic chalet on your way to the top, where your effort is rewarded with a picturesque sea view. The trail back into the valley glints with the promise of an exciting descent. Back in the town, you finish off your day in the café on the corner.

These cycling shorts give you the best of both worlds. Connected by an elasticated waistband, the combination of tight-fitting inner shorts and looser outer shorts creates a casual, comfortable look. While maximum breathability helps excess body heat easily escape, rapid moisture wicking ensures your skin is left feeling pleasantly dry. The cleverly positioned seams and tried and tested insert in the shorts ensure exceptional comfort even after several hours in the saddle. A zip-up pocket at the front provides plenty of space for personal effects. Soft cuffs guarantee perfect hold without digging into your skin. The Termalzo Cycling Shorts are ideal for mountain biking, road cycling and leisurely bike rides.

Technical details

  • Soft and stretchy waistband
  • Close-fitting inner shorts
  • Relaxed-fit outer shorts
  • Zip-up pocket at the front
  • Cycling insert
  • Soft cuffs
  • Fast-drying
  • Good moisture wicking
  • Regular fit