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About skinfit USA

Our Philosophy

Simply Multisport.

Uncompromising functionality and comfort hold first priority in the Skinfit philosophy. Our products feature maximum moisture transfer, temperature management, ergonomic cuts, elasticity, low pack weight, and attention to detail.

Skinfit products can be worn as one piece of clothing or can be combined with other Skinfit pieces for functionality and a stylish look. By mixing and matching with other Skinfit articles, most pieces in the Skinfit collection can be layered for year-round use.

The Skinfit multi-layer principle allows Skinfit items to be worn any time of the year. An item worn directly on the skin in the summer turns into a perfect intermediate or outer layer for other seasons.


Our Story

Live the Skinfit Lifestyle.

With the beautiful mountains of Austria at our doorstep, we grew up in the great outdoors. For us, mountaineering, cycling, running, swimming, climbing, cross-country skiing, ski-touring, and cross-training are not simply sports, they are our life-long passion.

Just as we push our bodies to the limit, we design clothing to meet the rigorous demands of the outdoor athlete – without compromise. Functionality and comfort are paramount to us. Add a timeless European design and style to our quality product and you end up with sports apparel that enhances your active lifestyle instead of inhibiting it.

We are a different kind of sports apparel company. We do not follow every fashion fad and trend. Instead we put all our energy into designing and manufacturing products that truly improve your athletic experience. Endurance sports are our passion, we put this passion into every one of our products.

We are excited to bring this unique high quality European brand to the North American market and formally establish Skinfit USA. Our entire team consists of sports enthusiasts who are active in their local communities.

We live Skinfit.