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The Weather Can't Stop You!

The Winter Collection is here to keep you moving all year.

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Meet the Autumn-Winter Collection 2021/22

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Autumn-Winter Collection 2021/22

It's here again. The cold, wet, and dark season. Does that finally mean cozy evenings on the couch? Or do you prefer to go outside and show your inner voices the cold shoulder?

The decision is not difficult for us! We are well prepared for all situations out there. There is no reason for us to go into hibernation. On the contrary! We believe the most uncomfortable conditions are when we find it best to put our new product ideas through their paces. Give them a try and you will feel this commitment and our uncompromising dedication in every single one of our pieces.

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Breathability. Freedom of movement. Versatility.
It doesn’t matter whether it is used as a base or midlayer.


Insulation and heat in the smallest packing size.


The functional undergarments with the right climate management.


Protection against wind and weather.


The breathable windbreaker.