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Spring-Summer Collection 2021

We have all lived through some extremely difficult times and our daily life was put to a hard test last year. All our habits and even shared sporting experiences or competitions were only possible with great difficulty or not at all. But it's great to see how exercise and sport are helping more and more people through challenging times. With our experience and ever evolving products, we want to support them all in living out their old or newfound passion for sport to the fullest. Whether it's for a bike ride, climbing or the next run, our spring-summer 2021 collection is perfect for anyone who wants to perform at the highest level.

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Breathability. Freedom of movement. Versatility.
It doesn’t matter whether it is used as a base or midlayer.


Insulation and heat in the smallest packing size.


The functional undergarments with the right climate management.


Protection against wind and weather.


The breathable windbreaker.