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Functional Undergarments with
the Right Climate Management.

The Klima baselayer is the foundation of the skinfit® Modulario System.
  • Perfect moisture management and evaporation
  • Breathable
  • Superior insulation (for optimum microclimate)
  • Easy care
  • Quick-drying
  • Odor-resistant
  • Flat seams

KLIMA Pro: Top notch temperature management. A good functional base layer is part of any multi-sportsperson’s arsenal – as it forms the foundation of our clothing system. Comprising the first layer, KLIMA is worn directly against the skin. With its unique feel, it ensures that you feel comfortable during your outdoor activities.

KLIMA Soft: Soft skills. Regardless of whether you’re a passionate multi-sportsperson or cycle to work – comfort begins with the first layer, worn directly on the skin. That’s why we developed KLIMA Soft for an active lifestyle. Despite warm temperatures, the KLIMA Soft line will leave skin feeling dry during sport as well as everyday wear.

KLIMA Light: Klima, but lighter. Multisport begins with the first layer, worn directly on the skin, as this is what dictates whether a clothing system works or not. We are positive that good functional base layers are just the ticket, even in summer. That’s why we developed KLIMA Light for the warmer months. The lightweight design of our functional base layers offers maximum comfort even during intense activity in heat.