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Torpedo Tri Suit (5938998706368)
Torpedo Tri Suit (5938998706368)
Torpedo Tri Suit (5938998706368)
Torpedo Tri Suit (5938998706368)
Torpedo Tri Suit (5938998706368)
Torpedo Tri Suit (5938998706368)
Torpedo Tri Suit (5938998706368)

Torpedo Tri Suit

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As swift as an arrow. The sun hasn’t even been up for an hour but you’re wide awake. There are just a few minutes until the start: you close the zip of your Torpedo Tri Suit, check your swimming cap is on straight one last time and wet your goggles before putting them over your eyes. You know that the next few hours will push you to your limits. Out of the blue, the starting shot shatters the morning silence and your nerves. Shoulder to shoulder, you quickly find your own rhythm and swim at full pelt towards the second leg.

This ultra-lightweight triathlon suit is aimed at ambitious triathletes that want to get their swim times down. Maximum hydrodynamics and an aerodynamic fit make this high-performance suit your secret weapon against time - on land and in water. Cleverly positioned taped seams and long legs help you achieve your best possible swim. The lack of horizontal seams and pockets increases your speed in the water. When running and cycling, the suit is sure to impress with its innovative material concept: a compact yet stretchy special fiber gives the Torpedo Tri Suit its water-resistant qualities. Thanks to the functional fabric’s minimal moisture absorption, the Torpedo Tri Suit retains its minimal weight even when wet. While exceptional breathability supports temperature management, a thin and very stretchy fabric insert at the shoulder ensures unlimited freedom of movement for all three disciplines. Although you can hardly feel it as you run, a thin insert provides additional comfort in the saddle. Simple in design, this tri suit performs especially well in short-distance races. If your long-distance race has a neoprene ban, it’s perfect with the Streamliner Bullet Tri Suit, Streamliner Beat Tri Suit or Hawi Tri Suit.

Technical details

  • Longer legs with freecut cuffs
  • Stretchy zip at back with pull for easy opening
  • Thin insert at the seat for improved cycling comfort
  • Hydrodynamically optimised seams and finish
  • No horizontal seams or pockets to optimise hydrodynamics in the water
  • Teflon coating for maximum pearling effect
  • Aerodynamic fit
  • Compact and stretchy functional fabric
  • Fast-drying
  • Coldblack®
  • ITU & WTC legal if there is a neoprene ban
  • Perfect for combining with the 5823 Streamliner Bullet Tri Suit, 5824 Streamliner Beat Tri Suit or 5825 Hawi Tri Suit if there is a neoprene ban
  • Athletic fit