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SCUDO Val Müstair Pants (5938997821632)
SCUDO Val Müstair Pants (5938997821632)

SCUDO Val Müstair Pants

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Dry run. Accompanied by dense clouds and headwind, narrow, hilly roads lead you to the foot of the mountain. With pure muscle power and steady steps, you hike each mile of the mountain. Completely in your element, not even the large water droplets falling from the heavens can stop you from soldiering on.

These lightweight, waterproof and weatherproof cycling trousers will keep you feeling pleasantly dry even in heavy downpours. Stripped back to the bare essentials, the stretch inserts at the bottom and outside leg provide maximum freedom of movement. Velcro closures to adjust the leg width make it easier to get into and out of these trousers. The elastic waistband and silicone strip ensure a perfect hold. The reflective print ensures high visibility on the road. Designed to suit cycling posture, these SCUDO Val Müstair Trousers will protect you from rain, wind and cold. These trousers can be packed up small and stored in your backpack. Ideal for mountain biking and even the daily commute.

Technical details

  • Double-layer hard-shell fabric with integrated PU membrane 
  • Stretchy waistband 
  • Silicone strip at the back waistband for optimal hold
  • Stretchy waterproof and windproof inserts for maximum freedom of movement 
  • Two velcro closures to adjust leg width 
  • Reflective print 
  • Cut to suit cycling posture 
  • Waterproof 
  • Windproof 
  • Low-maintenance 
  • Perfect for combining with the 4603 SCUDO Val Müstair Jacket
  • Regular fit