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Multicolore Socks (5939002114240)
Multicolore Socks (5939002114240)
Multicolore Socks (5939002114240)
Multicolore Socks (5939002114240)
Multicolore Socks (5939002114240)

Multicolore Socks

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Multicolore. Between speed and passion. When you’re cycling, your toughest component is yourself. Sometimes, it seems effortless. You push the pedals to your own rhythm as though there were someone next to you pounding out a beat. And suddenly it feels like someone is holding your back wheel - you feel tired and heavy. There it is, this tough moment where you have to force yourself out of your comfort zone and beyond your own limits. You may have to grit your teeth, but the comfortable and highly functional materials, combined with maximum aerodynamics and unique Multicolore design, help to get the very best out of you.

Maximum breathability and a reinforced toweling section at the heel and toes combine with cleverly positioned instep support for exceptional comfort at all times even after extensive activity. These Multicolore Socks are sure to impress with their high shaft and unique Multicolore design. Ideal for everyday life and any sport in training as well as competition.

Technical details

  • Reinforced toweling at heel and toes
  • Cleverly positioned instep protection
  • High shaft
  • Perfect for combining with the whole Multicolore range