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Molina Bike Gloves (5939003883712)

Molina Bike Gloves

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Light-fingered. Mountain biking combines sporting excitement and passion in equal parts. Rush past Alpine meadows, over gravel paths and winding stony roads to reach the top. You’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view. In the middle of the gorgeous landscape, you ready yourself for a descent dominated by single trails.

These cycling gloves ensure a perfect grip on the handlebars thanks to excellent grips on the palm of the hand. Optimally positioned padding and seams positioned to reduce pressure ensure comfort and protection in equal measures. The breathable back ensures rapid moisture wicking and lets excess body heat escape even on hot days. An adjustable velcro band at the wrist ensures perfect hold. Suitable for use all year round, Molina Cycling Gloves are ideal for mountain biking.

Technical details

  • Padded for maximum comfort
  • Grip on palm
  • Seams positioned to reduce pressure
  • Toweling at thumb
  • Velcro closure to adjust wrist size