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KLIMA Pro Shirt (5938994741440)
KLIMA Pro Shirt (5938994741440)
KLIMA Pro Shirt (5938994741440)
KLIMA Pro Shirt (5938994741440)
KLIMA Pro Shirt (5938994741440)
KLIMA Pro Shirt (5938994741440)

KLIMA Pro Shirt

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Top notch temperature management. A good functional base layer is part of any multi-sportsperson’s arsenal - as it forms the foundation of our clothing system. Comprising the first layer, KLIMA is worn directly against the skin. With its unique feel, it ensures that you feel comfortable during your outdoor activities. If you need cooling and insulation in equal measures, then opt for our premier functional base layer, the KLIMA Pro Shirt.

This functional two-tone long-sleeved base top offers cooling and warming in one package. Its thermal regulating properties provide a cooling effect even during high intensity in warm temperatures. The highly functional polypropylene fabric wicks sweat away from the skin and distributes it over a large surface area. The interplay of different layers wicks moisture outwards. For low intensity, the air trapped in the fabric provides comfortable warmth. Optimal temperature management prevents cooling during and after exercise. Thanks to the close fit, the sweat that has not yet been wicked away from the body remains at body temperature, leaving skin feeling pleasantly dry. Depending on the temperature and the season, the fast-drying KLIMA Pro Shirt can be flexibly combined with other layers.

Technical details

  • Round neck 
  • Extended back 
  • Soft feel 
  • Close-fitting 
  • Fast-drying
  • Odor-neutral
  • Good moisture wicking Temperature-regulating 
  • Washable at 95°C to efficiently remove bacteria 
  • Athletic fit