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Bimbi Speed Tri Suit (5938998608064)

Bimbi Speed Tri Suit

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For little triathletes. Just like their role models, little triathletes adjust their swimming caps one more time before the starting shot. Arms and legs are in almost perfect harmony, and these future tri pros tackle length after length with impressive skill. Hair still wet from the water, they spring onto their bikes and run across the finishing line basking in the applause and cheers of their parents.

Designed for the needs of young athletes, this revolutionary suit ensures maximum performance in water and on land thanks to its aerodynamic fit. The Bimbi Speed Tri Suit is sure to impress in all disciplines with its exceptional breathability and minimal moisture absorbency. Although you can hardly feel it as you run, a thin insert provides additional comfort in the saddle. Thanks to very stretchy functional fabric, unlimited movement is guaranteed throughout the whole competition. Stripped back to a simple design, this tri suit is perfect for youth races across any distance.

Technical details

  • Soft and stretchy straps
  • Zip at back with pull for easy opening
  • Thin insert at the seat for improved cycling comfort
  • Soft and stretchy cuffs
  • Hydrodynamically optimized seams
  • No horizontal seams or pockets to improve hydrodynamics in the water
  • Teflon coating for pearling effect
  • Aerodynamic fit
  • Stretchy functional fabric
  • Fast-drying
  • Athletic fit