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AERO Fondo T-Shirt (5938999623872)
AERO Fondo T-Shirt (5938999623872)
AERO Fondo T-Shirt (5938999623872)
AERO Fondo T-Shirt (5938999623872)

AERO Fondo T-Shirt

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Absolute freedom of movement. When paved streets melt into well-trodden paths, running is double the fun. Forest paths invite you to rack up your miles across varied terrain. Unexpected obstacles require your full attention.

The AERO Fondo T-Shirt is based on the AERO Manarola T-Shirt – our classic, which has been part of our clothing system from the very beginning. Packaged in a modern, two-tone design, this T-shirt is set to impress with its tried and tested functionality. Its impressive breathability allows excess body heat to escape even during high intensity. At the same time, optimal moisture wicking leaves your skin feeling pleasantly dry. The AERO Fondo T-Shirt can be worn as a base layer, mid layer or shell layer for any sport during training or competitions all year round.

Technical details

  • Round neck 
  • Tight fit 
  • Soft and stretchy functional material 
  • Fast-drying 
  • Good moisture wicking
  • Athletic fit