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AERO Davo Tights (5939002376384)


AERO Davo Tights

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Strikingly warm. The winter is almost mystical. On two thin planks, you glide across fresh slopes. Alternating between gliding and pushing off, you settle into the rhythm of your flowing movements.

These tights leave you a pleasantly warm even in freezing temperatures. Lots of air trapped within the fabric provides insulation needed in cold weather. Thanks to maximum breathability, excess body heat can easily escape. Optimal moisture wicking leaves your skin feeling pleasantly dry even at high intensity. Personal belongings, such as your keys and phone, can be stored in the back pocket. The windproof AERO Davos Tights are especially well suited to cross country skiing, running and trail running in winter.

Technical details 

  • Soft, stretchy waistband with integrated drawstring
  • Back pocket
  • Reflective print 
  • Soft and stretchy functional fabric 
  • Fast-drying 
  • Good moisture wicking 
  • Warm textured fleece on the inside
  • Athletic fit