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Speed Bermuda Tri Suit (5939000934592)
Speed Bermuda Tri Suit (5939000934592)
Speed Bermuda Tri Suit (5939000934592)
Speed Bermuda Tri Suit (5939000934592)
Speed Bermuda Tri Suit (5939000934592)
Speed Bermuda Tri Suit (5939000934592)

Speed Bermuda Tri Suit


Tri-volutionary. Just before the start, adrenaline races through your veins like a rushing river. You breathe deep, put your goggles on and listen to the countdown to the starting shot. In the water, you try to keep your speed. Arms, legs and breathing are in perfect harmony. The first few vertical yards feel strange, but you stay focused. After you change, you quickly mount your competition steed for the long stretch ahead of you. Right after the next transition, before the running leg gets really exciting, a group forms around you. At top speed. During the final few yards, the spectators work themselves up into a frenzy and the tactics between you and your competitors hot up. You mentally prepare yourself for the final sprint. Shoulder to shoulder. Just a few milliseconds ahead, you cross the finish line.

This extremely stretchy tri suit is sure to impress with perfect performance, ensuring rapid sprint and short-distance times. While exceptional breathability supports temperature management, the functional fabric’s particularly impressive stretch ensures unlimited freedom of movement for all three disciplines. Thanks to optimized hydrodynamics, it lets you achieve new personal bests in the water. As you cycle and run, it’s sure to impress with its exceptionally low moisture absorbance and ideal aerodynamics. A thin seat insert can hardly be felt while running but offers additional comfort while riding. Soft and stretchy freecut cuffs and optimally positioned seams ensure a pleasant wearing experience. Featuring a simple look with its special yet subtle bow print, this Speed Bermuda Tri Suit really shows its prowess on sprints and across short distances.

Technical details

  • Aerodynamic fit
  • Optimized hydrodynamics
  • High pearling effect
  • Extremely stretchy functional fabric
  • Fast-drying
  • Soft, stretchy straps
  • Freecut leg cuffs
  • Thin insert at the rear for increased comfort while cycling
  • Zip at back with tag for easy opening and closing
  • ITU & WTC legal for wetsuit bans
  • Athletic fit