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Pescara Tri Suit (5939000475840)
Pescara Tri Suit (5939000475840)
Pescara Tri Suit (5939000475840)
Pescara Tri Suit (5939000475840)
Pescara Tri Suit (5939000475840)

Pescara Tri Suit

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Two become one. You don’t want to lose any time in the transition area. With your hair still wet from swimming, you pull your helmet on and run as fast as you can to the end of the transition zone. On your bike, you’re completely focused on the here and now - you concentrate on the race you’ve spent months preparing for. Your flow helps you give your absolute all on the track. Exhausted yet happy, you reach the finish line of your first - but surely not your last - race as the cheering crowd spurs you on.

This tri suit combines the comfort and function of a one piece with the advantages of a two piece. The combination of the tried-and-tested Tri Shorts and a lightweight top ensures maximum performance in all three disciplines. Exceptional breathability allows excess body heat to escape even in the heat. This one piece with its two-in-one design is sure to impress especially in the last few miles of a race. You can simply open the zip during the running leg to further support temperature management. Soft and stretchy cuffs ensure optimal freedom of movement in all disciplines. Even though you can hardly feel it while running, a thin cycling insert ensures maximum comfort on your racing bike. Comfortable under a wetsuit, this sleeveless Pescara Tri Suit is perfectly suited to long-distance, short-distance and middle-distance races.

Technical details

  • Soft and stretchy cuffs ensure optimal freedom of movement. 
  • Silicone rubber inside the cuffs 
  • Full zip 
  • Hidden pocket at the back
  • Thin, antibacterial cycling insert
  • Close-fitting, ergonomic fit 
  • Lightweight functional fabric at the top 
  • Compact trouser fabric Breathable Fast-drying
  • Comfortable to wear under a wetsuit
  • Athletic fit