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Alcudia Visor (6582153740480)

Alcudia Visor

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For beautiful views. The sun has not yet reached the valley floor while you are already running towards the summit. But as soon as you cross the timberline, it seems to come towards you with full force. As you move, you pull your Alcudia Visor out of your running backpack and prepare yourself for your onward journey.

The Alcudia Visor offers maximum glare protection with minimum packing size and weight. Moisture is quickly distributed on the particularly breathable and light functional material and a cooling effect is achieved through even evaporation. Thanks to its high elasticity, the visor sits comfortably close to the head and the shield with black underside protects the eyes optimally from direct sunlight. The Visor can be stored extremely small and space-saving without losing its shape and fits into any backpack or running vest. It is ideal for running, trail running or hiking on particularly sunny and warm days.

Technical details

  • Light, structured functional material
  • Flexible sign with black underside
  • Protects against direct sunlight and glare
  • High elasticity for a firm fit on the head
  • Particularly small and space-saving packing size
  • Fast-drying
  • Exceptional moisture wicking

Weight [g]: 20 g
Packing [ml]: 50 ml
Fabric 1: 100% Polyester