CareTex Wash


Squeaky clean. Long descents in the powder. Leisurely walks. Fun trips. Your functional clothing is always there for you. But the intensity of nature and physical exertion leave a mark. Your CareTEX Detergent doesn’t just ensure cleanliness, but also long-lasting functionality.

This detergent has been especially designed for the high-quality functional fabrics used in the skinfit® line. Dermatologically tested and biodegradable, CareTEX detergent ensures not only cleanliness but also long-lasting functionality and breathability. Ideal for the long-term care of skinfit® products.

Technical details

  • gentle clean
  • effective even at low temperature cycles
  • no dyes, fabric softeners or bleaches
  • function and breathability are retained for longer
  • biodegradable
  • dermatologically tested


Ingredients: 59% water, 40% Tenzides produced from renewable natural resources, 1% Perfume

Additional information

Weight 295 g


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