CareTEX Proof


Mr Waterproof. The clouds are hanging low. You can see they’re closing in on you. The dramatic, moody sky gives your experiences outdoors another dimension. When it starts to drip, drop and flow all around, you simply enjoy the peace of nature. But the intensity of nature and physical exertion leave a mark. CareTEX waterproofing treatment reactivates the function of your skinfit® clothing.

This waterproofing spray has been especially designed for high-quality functional fabrics. Dermatologically tested and biodegradable, CareTEX waterproofing spray reactivates the features of skinfit® products, ensuring long-lasting protection from rain and dirt. Ideal for skinfit® VENTO, CALDO and SCUDO products.

Technical details

  • Water-resistant and dirt-resistant effect
  • 100% fluoride-free
  • function and breathability not affected
  • biodegradable
  • eco-friendly spray without propellant
  • easy to use
  • 500ml


Ingredients: 90% Alcohol based solvent, 9% raw materials for the production of waterproofing sealants on a silicon / wax basis, 1% Perfume

Additional information

Weight 485 g


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