Breathability you can’t miss. Early in the morning, you run over dewy meadows, past a babbling brook. As the inclines get steeper, you slow to a steady hike. You can hardly wait to get to the top and enjoy the view back down into the valley in the morning sun.

This hoodie is sure to impress with its exceptional breathability and unique temperature management. Even at high intensity, the windproof functional fabric quickly wicks sweat away from the body. Simply by opening the short front zip, excess body heat can escape even more quickly. On colder days, the close-fitting hood with stand-up collar provides additional protection and warmth. Suitable for any sport, the casually cut AERO Altena Hoodie can be worn all year round as a mid-layer or shell-layer.

Technical details

  • close-fitting hood
  • stand-up collar as wind protection
  • short zip at the chest
  • relaxed fit
  • soft and stretchy functional material
  • fast-drying
  • good moisture wicking