Developing sports garments that achieve the best performance in all three different disciplines, all within one garment – that is the challenge we, as a manufacturer, are faced with. Over 20 years’ active participation in triathlons and extensive specialist competence in the field of textiles have given us the perfect mixture of expertise for our Triathlon collection. Extremely elastic materials and ergonomic cuts combined with excellent breathability create an optimum body climate even under the stress of competition. The hydrodynamic Tri Suit Plasma – our collection’s flagship – guarantees the utmost in performance, thanks to the innovative materials and cuts. With its thin cycling pad, the Tri Suit Plasma is the preferred race garment for many world-class and amateur athletes.

All skinfit® triathlon suits are made exclusively from textile materials. We do not use a vulcanized rubber coating like other manufacturers of so called “speedsuits”. Therefore, our suits are legal and can be worn at any triathlon event.