Outdoor athletes demand a lot from functional underwear. It has to be fast-drying, elastic, and feel good on your skin. Top it off with sophisticated odour-neutralization and you’ve got Klima.soft. The secret behind Klima.soft is a composite fabric fiber made from Meryl Skinlife and Meryl Nexten. Together Skinlife and Nexten team up to effectively neutralize odour, keep you dry, and maintain a comfortable body temperature. The Skinlife fiber is made with microscopic silver ions, which maintain your body’s optimum natural Ph-balance while reducing bacteria growth (which causes bad odour). The Nexten fiber is hollow in structure so moisture can’t cling to the fabric, thus facilitating quick evaporation. This efficient capillary action not only transports moisture away from your body, it also regulates body temperature, making Klima.soft lightweight underwear ideal in hot temperatures or for every- day comfort.

• soft and comfortable
• fast-drying
• temperature-regulating hollow fiber
• integrated silver ions prevent bacteria growth and odor
• ideal for hot temperatures
• flat seams

The difference between Klima.soft and Klima

Klima.soft – is appealing thanks to the soft, comfortable feeling it provides when worn and is also extremely popular as daywear. Temperature-regulating hollow fibres provide an ideal microclimate.

Klima – is a very technical material which is designed for highest functionality and, therefore, especially recommended for intensive sports activities or cold temperatures. The quick drying time and the level of comfort when worn during sports will inspire you.

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