Our collection of sports underwear is knitted with the functional microfine “Isofil” fiber. This fiber absorbs moisture from the body and quickly distributes it over a large surface area (with a short-sleeve shirt, for example, over 32 square meters). Thus, the perspiration evaporates quickly or is transferred to the next clothing layer. The result: in spite of exertion, you feel dry. In the cold, on the other hand, skinfit® Klima has a warming effect due to the large amount of air captured in the fiber. The effect is similar to that of thermostatic control: When you are overheating, skinfit® Klima helps your body stay cool. In cold temperatures the garments provide protection with their extraordinary insulating properties.

• Perfect moisture management and evaporation
• Breathable
• Superior insulation (for optimum microclimate)
• Easy care
• Quick-drying
• Odour-resistant
• Flat seams

The difference between Klima and Klima.soft

Klima – is a very technical material which is designed for highest functionality; therefore, especially recommended for intensive sports activities or cold temperatures. The quick drying time and the level of comfort when worn during sports will inspire you.

Klima.soft – is appealing thanks to the soft, comfortable fee- ling it provides when worn and is also extremely popular as everday wear. Temperature-regulating hollow fibres provide an ideal microclimate.