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Product Review: Vento Light Jacket

This is a review of one of Skinfit’s newest pieces of gear. I really think it’s a great addition and wanted to give everyone a look at it and a few thoughts. Below the video is my written out review in case you’d rather not stare at me for almost 5 minutes or the man is blocking you from youtube.


Vento Light Hood WhiteThe Vento Light Hooded Jacket from Skinfit, has taken the theme of their Vento line; ultra-light, small packing volume, breathable,
wind-resistant, water-repellent, and fast-drying to the extreme.

First the weight. Even with a hood, the jacket is listed as 100 grams or just about 3.5 ounces. The Extra Large, which I weighed myself, comes in right at 3.7 ounces, not bad at all! Being this light there’s no reason not to have it in your pack for those days when you are in the mountains and a storm can come from nowhere or you just don’t know what to expect.

Besides being ridiculously light, what makes it such a good jacket? A number of things. It packs down to a small size very easily by tucking the jacket into it’s own chest pocket. Simply stuff the jacket into the chest pocket from the back and once it’s completely inside, zip it up!

Vento Light WomanAnother small but great touch is the little loop that’s included when the jacket is in it’s “packed” state. It’s perfect for attaching to your running, hiking, or climbing pack or harness using a small lightweight carabiner.

In addition to being light and packable Skinfit did an excellent job with the cuffs and hood to keep the elements out. No matter how good a jacket is, if the cuffs and hood don’t hold close to the skin rain and wind will still get in.  Using elastic cuffs the sleeves hold in place really well around the wrists.  The same elastic is found in the hood keeping it held tight but comfortably in place. The material used around the cuffs and hood is soft and very comfortable. There’s no fear of abrasive rubbing against the skin.

There’s nothing more useless or frustrating than a hood that doesn’t stay in place when you’re running or the wind kicks up! Well there are probably a lot of things that are but I’m sure you know what I mean.Vento Light Man

The other thing I like about the hood design is that with the elastic you can wear the hood under your chin or pull it up over for a little extra protection around your neck.

Lastly, the chest pocket is plenty big enough to fit just about anything you would need quick access to. A few bars, gels, wallet, ID, phone, etc. Of course like everything Skinfit makes they don’t mess around with the style. The Jacket just looks good! There is a white model with black accents and the reverse color combination as well. They both look really good.

So to recap, the jacket is super light, packs down really small, offers great protection from the wind and rain, and looks good! Also, to add a quick note about the sizing, I’m 6’4″ and about 175 lbs. I could probably get away with the Large but like the extra room in the XL for layering purposes. All of Skinfit’s clothing runs on fitted European-style sizing so be sure to take that in to account.

All together, it’s going to be the only 3-Season jacket I’ll be using from here on out and honestly, with the right layers underneath you can stretch this to a year round piece if you’re fortunate enough to live in temperate climates.

I hope this gear review was helpful for those of you looking for a great, lightweight jacket.

Until next time, I’ll see you on the trails!


If you’re interested in more information or purchasing the jacket you can order it from Skinfit USA here:


Keep posted with Off Road Pursuits here:

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Product Review: Triathlon Shorts

Why are Skinfit triathlon shorts so popular?

There is no questions that Skinfit triathlon shorts are our #1 seller.  There are several things that make these shorts such a hot commodity. Let’s review…

Triathlon Shorts Print - Red

1. Compact, high-quality material – The fabric used is extremely comfortable, flexible, and breathable making it the perfect short for competitions including sprint triathlons, Xterra, Ironman, running events, etc

2. Thin, anti-bacterial cycling pad – Just enough padding to keep you comfortable during the bike portion and minimal enough to keep you light and speedy on the run.

3. Small pocket in the back – This pocket is an amazing feature! It is designed to sit tight against the curve of  your lower back eliminating bouncing when it is packed with gels, bars, etc. This is a feature unique to Skinfit, which helps set it apart from our competition.

Here are the finer details…

Material: 57 % micro-polyamide, 39 % elastane, 4 % polyamide
Insert: 56 % polyester, 44 % polyamide
Weight: 110g
Packing measurements: 300ml
Triathlon Shorts Print - Red, White

So, if your looking for a pair of tri shorts for the 2013 season make sure you look into our Skinfit collection. We are certain that if you give our tri shorts a shot you will be extremely satisfied! We at Skinfit feel that comfort and functionality are critical when designing apparel that must withstand the demands of racing in various climates throughout the world. While racing your focus needs to be on going fast, not worrying about the comfort of the gear you are wearing.  This is why Skinfit Tri Shorts are so popular in Kona at the Ironman World Championships.
You can view our triathlon shorts at the following link…


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Gear Review: Running and Cycling Jacket

The Skinfit Vento Jacket is essential for every outdoor enthusiast!

Light, low pack weight, water repellent, windblock, comfortable and flexible material

The Vento Jacket blocks the wind during cool downhill biking, protects you from bad or cool weather while running, or it can simply be packed for emergencies when out hiking. This jacket is multi-functional and protects you from the wind and the elements. It can be folded up small and stored in a back pocket, has reflectors on the back and sides so that you stay visible, and has thumb loops and aero cuffs for comfort.

Here are the technical specs:
Material: 95 % polyamide, 5 % elasthane
Packing measurements: 300ml
Weight: 120g

Do you live in a cold climate where you deal with snow and rain? If so, the Vento jacket is the perfect outer layer when you need to stay warm and dry. Wear it over one of our baselayers or aero tops.

Do you live in California or a warmer climate? If so, then the Vento Jacket is perfect for those cool mornings when you need to cut the chill but don’t want to haul around a heavy piece of gear for the rest of your ride, run, hike.

The Vento jacket is a great all-arounder. Great in any climate and it won’t weigh you down!
Our Vento products include a jacket, vest and pants. Take a peak at the Vento lineup here!

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Gear Review: Skinfit Klima Baselayer

The Skinfit Klima shirt is apart of their flagship baselayer series and is best known for being worn under bike jerseys and run gear in cooler climates.

There are quite a few different variations of this product within the line: tank top, shortsleeve and longsleeve shirts plus you can find tights and bottoms from their european webstores to complete the kit.


My experience is with the Klima shortsleeve shirt which I’ve deemed my “chainmail” because it’s like the armor I put on before doing battle with the elements. The fabric also resembles chainmail in the way it’s knitted from the functional microfine “Isofil” fiber.

My adventures are based in California, where we are generally blessed with very comfortable weather and climates. That’s why I plan expeditions to lesser traveled areas within the region, and push the boundaries of comfort and endurance.

Last weekend I was in the Sierra Nevada and successfully climbed Mount Whitney via the East Buttress, an 11-pitch 5.7 technical rock climbing ascent, that in its design requires bursts of high exertion while climbing followed by long periods of stationary time belaying the other climber. The Klima shortsleeve shirt was my first layer on this trip.

When I was giving it my all climbing each pitch, my perspiration evaporated rapidly and was transferred into my next clothing layer so my skin remained dry.

Then while belaying in the cold, the Skinfit Klima fabric had a warming effect thanks to the way the fabric is weaved to trap a large amount of air in the fiber.

During these long trips I wear the Skinfit Klima shortsleeve shirt for a few days at a time without taking it off and it never smells bad. When I get home I just toss it in a regular wash cycle like all my other clothes and it dries quickly on the line or in a lightly heated drier.

The Klima shirt performed in winter conditions on the highest mountain in the contiguous United States at an elevation of 14,505 feet. I trusted my life to it keeping me warm and dry. Order one of these baselayers today and go put it to your own test!




Yours in Adventure,

~Toby Guillette