Breathability. Freedom of Movement. Versatility.
It doesn’t matter whether it is used as a base or midlayer.

skinfit® AERO has become a classic of the skinfit® collection. Thanks to a special knit, we combined two fibers into textile so that one fiber is on the inside and one on the outside. As in the case of Klima.soft, the fibers are the latest high- tech developments on the market. We use Meryl Skinlife on the inside. The fiber contains silver ions, which combat bacteria build-up and odor development. However, the bacterial balance of the skin remains unaffected and hence natural. On the outside, we used the quick-drying hollow fiber Meryl Nexten. AERO dries quickly and is light, even when wet. The advantages of skinfit® AERO, such as the comfortable grip, the fine, wind-repellent fabric and the high elasticity, make skinfit® AERO into particularly comfortable sportswear. The tight fit guarantees perfect moisture management and is suitable for training and competition. AERO can be worn both as an outer layer or, on colder days, as an optimal inter-layer.

  • Ergonomic cut with compression effect
  • Elastic
  • Integrated silver ions prevent bacteria growth and odor
  • Wind-resistant
  • Soft and comfortable