It is early, and the sun is still hidden behind the peaks, but we’re already wide awake. Today’s route should go over some spectacular high trails. We’re focused, feeling fit and are already on the starting blocks. It should be one of those days when we get completely in the zone – a day we will remember for a long time.

With the new Via Mala Trail Backpack we have created the perfect companion for unforgettable adventures. Specially developed for trail running, the pack delivers exactly what’s needed for off-road running – nothing more, nothing less. What features make it a good trail pack?

PERFECT FIT. A good trail backpack has a great fit, even during intense activity. A backpack should be as unnoticeable as possible, to make running on the trail easier. To ensure this, both the materials and fit must be carefully selected. The Via Mala Trail Backpack is made from special functional materials, which are soft, breathable and very light (total weight 290g) and which efficiently absorb sweat and dry fast. The functional fabric on this vest-like system has great stretch and adapts to almost every body shape. This backpack has a very compact, slim cut which gives the arms exceptional freedom of movement. Using the two sternum straps the fit can be individually adjusted: they can be lengthened/shortened or even fixed to the shoulder straps if needed. Thanks to easy adjustability they ensure a comfortable, secure fit. Even on fast downhill sections or sprints it won’t slip and is barely noticeable.

ENOUGH STORAGE. The Via Mala Trail Backpack has enough space for everything you need on the trail. Well-positioned stretch mesh pockets on the front and side of both shoulder straps provide quick access to grab or stow important items such as bars, gels or gloves, even while you are moving. The left shoulder strap has a zipped pocket to securely hold essential items for quick access, such as keys, money, GPS device or mobile phone. At the back, a large zipped main compartment, a smaller zipped compartment, a zipped hydration system compartment, and an open stash pocket provide additional storage space. With careful packing you can fit enough equipment for long, ultra trail runs. The compact design, made from functional material, ensures that even the most poorly packed load won’t move.

INDIVIDUAL HYDRATION SYSTEM. While exercising it is important to stay well hydrated. The Via Mala Trail Backpack has two options, to make sure you always have enough to drink. Option 1: a hydration compartment at the back to fix a bladder – 2 litres max. Simply feed the drinking tube through the right or left shoulder strap, as required. Air permeable mesh between the back and hydration system compartment also provides the ability to cool, or warm, the body via the temperature of the liquid. Option 2: flasks up to 500ml capacity can be stowed in the front pockets. Stretch pockets ensure they never slip, even when only half-full. The Via Mala Trail Backpack is not supplied with a hydration system, to allow everyone to choose their preferred option. Top tip: placing hydration flasks in the front pockets shifts the center of gravity forward, which can help the runner find their optimal trail running position.

SIMPLE POLE HOLDER. Well-equipped trail runners may have walking poles with them. But where should they go when there are rocks to clamber over, or on the flat? On the Via Mala Trail Rucksack we have placed the pole holder at the back, across the top of the rucksack. Folded walking poles can easily and quickly be fixed in place via the two elastic loops.

EXTRA SAFETY. Anyone who spends time in the mountains or on quiet trails is aware of safety. Of course, it’s important to always carry enough food and a basic first aid kit with you. For emergencies the Via Mala Trail Backpack comes specially equipped. To help you attract attention in rough terrain, or in an emergency, there is a safety whistle on the right shoulder strap. On the back of the rucksack is a RECCO® Reflector, a lightweight transponder, which can help search and rescue teams, or emergency services, to locate a missing person.

A trail pack is something that’s very personal and everyone has their own individual preference. The Via Mala Trail Backpack is designed to be an all-round model that will perform superbly on all kinds of runs, from easy trail runs to demanding ultra marathons. A faithful companion for many activities, where you want to be quickly on your way and pack light.

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