This is a review of one of Skinfit’s newest pieces of gear. I really think it’s a great addition and wanted to give everyone a look at it and a few thoughts. Below the video is my written out review in case you’d rather not stare at me for almost 5 minutes or the man is blocking you from youtube.


Vento Light Hood WhiteThe Vento Light Hooded Jacket from Skinfit, has taken the theme of their Vento line; ultra-light, small packing volume, breathable,
wind-resistant, water-repellent, and fast-drying to the extreme.

First the weight. Even with a hood, the jacket is listed as 100 grams or just about 3.5 ounces. The Extra Large, which I weighed myself, comes in right at 3.7 ounces, not bad at all! Being this light there’s no reason not to have it in your pack for those days when you are in the mountains and a storm can come from nowhere or you just don’t know what to expect.

Besides being ridiculously light, what makes it such a good jacket? A number of things. It packs down to a small size very easily by tucking the jacket into it’s own chest pocket. Simply stuff the jacket into the chest pocket from the back and once it’s completely inside, zip it up!

Vento Light WomanAnother small but great touch is the little loop that’s included when the jacket is in it’s “packed” state. It’s perfect for attaching to your running, hiking, or climbing pack or harness using a small lightweight carabiner.

In addition to being light and packable Skinfit did an excellent job with the cuffs and hood to keep the elements out. No matter how good a jacket is, if the cuffs and hood don’t hold close to the skin rain and wind will still get in.  Using elastic cuffs the sleeves hold in place really well around the wrists.  The same elastic is found in the hood keeping it held tight but comfortably in place. The material used around the cuffs and hood is soft and very comfortable. There’s no fear of abrasive rubbing against the skin.

There’s nothing more useless or frustrating than a hood that doesn’t stay in place when you’re running or the wind kicks up! Well there are probably a lot of things that are but I’m sure you know what I mean.Vento Light Man

The other thing I like about the hood design is that with the elastic you can wear the hood under your chin or pull it up over for a little extra protection around your neck.

Lastly, the chest pocket is plenty big enough to fit just about anything you would need quick access to. A few bars, gels, wallet, ID, phone, etc. Of course like everything Skinfit makes they don’t mess around with the style. The Jacket just looks good! There is a white model with black accents and the reverse color combination as well. They both look really good.

So to recap, the jacket is super light, packs down really small, offers great protection from the wind and rain, and looks good! Also, to add a quick note about the sizing, I’m 6’4″ and about 175 lbs. I could probably get away with the Large but like the extra room in the XL for layering purposes. All of Skinfit’s clothing runs on fitted European-style sizing so be sure to take that in to account.

All together, it’s going to be the only 3-Season jacket I’ll be using from here on out and honestly, with the right layers underneath you can stretch this to a year round piece if you’re fortunate enough to live in temperate climates.

I hope this gear review was helpful for those of you looking for a great, lightweight jacket.

Until next time, I’ll see you on the trails!


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