Why are Skinfit triathlon shorts so popular?

There is no questions that Skinfit triathlon shorts are our #1 seller.  There are several things that make these shorts such a hot commodity. Let’s review…

Triathlon Shorts Print - Red

1. Compact, high-quality material – The fabric used is extremely comfortable, flexible, and breathable making it the perfect short for competitions including sprint triathlons, Xterra, Ironman, running events, etc

2. Thin, anti-bacterial cycling pad – Just enough padding to keep you comfortable during the bike portion and minimal enough to keep you light and speedy on the run.

3. Small pocket in the back – This pocket is an amazing feature! It is designed to sit tight against the curve of  your lower back eliminating bouncing when it is packed with gels, bars, etc. This is a feature unique to Skinfit, which helps set it apart from our competition.

Here are the finer details…

Material: 57 % micro-polyamide, 39 % elastane, 4 % polyamide
Insert: 56 % polyester, 44 % polyamide
Weight: 110g
Packing measurements: 300ml
Triathlon Shorts Print - Red, White

So, if your looking for a pair of tri shorts for the 2013 season make sure you look into our Skinfit collection. We are certain that if you give our tri shorts a shot you will be extremely satisfied! We at Skinfit feel that comfort and functionality are critical when designing apparel that must withstand the demands of racing in various climates throughout the world. While racing your focus needs to be on going fast, not worrying about the comfort of the gear you are wearing.  This is why Skinfit Tri Shorts are so popular in Kona at the Ironman World Championships.
You can view our triathlon shorts at the following link…http://skinfitusa.com/shop/all/5504-tri-shorts-print/