The Skinfit Klima shirt is apart of their flagship baselayer series and is best known for being worn under bike jerseys and run gear in cooler climates.

There are quite a few different variations of this product within the line: tank top, shortsleeve and longsleeve shirts plus you can find tights and bottoms from their european webstores to complete the kit.


My experience is with the Klima shortsleeve shirt which I’ve deemed my “chainmail” because it’s like the armor I put on before doing battle with the elements. The fabric also resembles chainmail in the way it’s knitted from the functional microfine “Isofil” fiber.

My adventures are based in California, where we are generally blessed with very comfortable weather and climates. That’s why I plan expeditions to lesser traveled areas within the region, and push the boundaries of comfort and endurance.

Last weekend I was in the Sierra Nevada and successfully climbed Mount Whitney via the East Buttress, an 11-pitch 5.7 technical rock climbing ascent, that in its design requires bursts of high exertion while climbing followed by long periods of stationary time belaying the other climber. The Klima shortsleeve shirt was my first layer on this trip.

When I was giving it my all climbing each pitch, my perspiration evaporated rapidly and was transferred into my next clothing layer so my skin remained dry.

Then while belaying in the cold, the Skinfit Klima fabric had a warming effect thanks to the way the fabric is weaved to trap a large amount of air in the fiber.

During these long trips I wear the Skinfit Klima shortsleeve shirt for a few days at a time without taking it off and it never smells bad. When I get home I just toss it in a regular wash cycle like all my other clothes and it dries quickly on the line or in a lightly heated drier.

The Klima shirt performed in winter conditions on the highest mountain in the contiguous United States at an elevation of 14,505 feet. I trusted my life to it keeping me warm and dry. Order one of these baselayers today and go put it to your own test!




Yours in Adventure,

~Toby Guillette